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    • Gut Health 101
      What’s under the hood? 🧐 You should only continue reading IF: you care about your digestion, weight loss, bloat, inconsistent amounts of energy throughout the day, consistency in your workouts but reduced results (aka a plateau or weight loss resistance). IF that’s you, continue reading… Today, we’re going all the way in on a term that’s been […]
    • How Stress Can Affect Your Body
      Stress will happen to everyone – it’s inevitable! We live busy lives and we live in a fast paced culture, meaning, we cannot control our exposure to stress. However, in small amounts stress is good. Eustress is one type of good stress. It is the butterflies you feel before a test. The adrenaline that pumps through your body when threatened. […]
    • 27: A Year In Review
      This blog entry is also a Podcast on #TheGetMoreShow! If you’d prefer to listen to the audio version, click to listen below. Hey, it’s been a while. I know I may have left you hanging a bit after listening to my last episode and for that, I’m sorry. I’m back though and am here to assure you I’m going to be more consistent with podcasting and I […]
    • Becoming a Group Fitness Instructor Taught Me to Love Myself
      A post shared by Chip Hoffa (@chiphoffa) on Nov 22, 2017 at 9:06am PST Sweat poured down my face as Lady Gaga blared overhead. My movement was off-beat. As my cheeks grew red and my breath grew heavier, I lost my thought, looking out in front of me to an empty room and just myself in the mirror staring back. Then it happened: I broke down. […]
    • WEEKLY RECAP: New Year Talk!
      New year, who dis? 😎 A different perspective on resolutions – Are you as over all this resolution talk as I am? Does it even mean anything anymore? Either way, a new year is certainly an opportunity for fresh starts. ⚠️ I should advise you of the language warning — sometimes when I get passionate, I can’t help the words that come […]