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Behind the Scenes of Filming Turbo Kick!

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a fitness video filming? Well, let me tell you in a few words – crazy fun, hella exhausting and challenging both mentally and physically. BUT… trust, we know how to have fun! On the set of our latest filming for Beachbody, we filmed Turbo Kick, Sport Round 81! This means that it’s an athletic, kickboxing workout fused with HIIT training and set to some of the hottest hip-hop/rap, techno, dubstep and pop music!  I am literally obsessed with this workout! It’s fierce, it’s athletic, it’s empowering, it’s intense and IT’S FUN! 😍  No, but really. A lot of sweat, a lot of laughs and a lot of passion went in to this shoot.  I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking. Leave a comment to let me know what fitness video you’d like to be in!

Behind The Scenes: Turbo Kick Round 81

Posted by Chip Hoffa on Thursday, October 19, 2017


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    Well I like what you said,As a junior i want some suggestion. Check my video.Thanks

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