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WEEKLY RECAP: New Year Talk!

New year, who dis? 😎

A different perspective on resolutions – Are you as over all this resolution talk as I am? Does it even mean anything anymore? Either way, a new year is certainly an opportunity for fresh starts. ⚠️ I should advise you of the language warning — sometimes when I get passionate, I can’t help the words that come out! 


Everything you need to know about sparkling water: There’s been a TON of new research on sparkling water and the effects it has on your health. To date, this has been my MOST popular blog post. BUT before you read… you may want to finish your case of La Croix in the refrigerator.



A note from Chip about 2018…

It was about this time last year that I took assessment of my life and realized that for quite some time, I had been putting myself last.

I had become a people pleaser which meant saying yes to other people, other obligations and that resulted in my happiness being dependent upon things that were largely out of my control. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve committed to doing something, then later wanted to get out of it but ended up doing it anyway because, for me, it meant making someone else happy.

For too long, I often said yes when really, I should have asked myself is if making this decision would create space for happiness or fulfillment in my life. I began to speculate what would happen if I started carefully choosing what I committed myself to. And with that, I had to also understand this might mean letting others down from time to time. Some of these decisions were easier than others but I saved a sentence in my phone that I often referred back to: “Thanks for thinking of me, but I can’t.” This was powerful because when I saw this, I was reminded that in order for me to BE the best, it meant putting myself first. Through this process, I expected that I would likely get closer to the goals I set because it would require more focus but what I didn’t expect, is to have more clarity than ever of my priorities, personally and professionally.

In this last year, I’ve learned to trust myself, have courage to speak what’s on my mind and ultimately, take better care of myself. In one of my favorite quotes from Oprah Winfrey, she says, “The ability to honor yourself, there is no selfishness in that, because only through that do you have the ability to offer yourself to the rest of the world.”

To be selfless, you need to be selfish. If you want to give more to others, you have to give more to yourself.

Here’s to an amazing new year.

Much love — CH


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