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How to Get Unstuck While Working Toward Your Passion!

Find something you love and KEEP GOING! Do you ever find yourself stuck? Years ago, I remember feeling that it was OKAY to stay where I was, doing what I was doing and the only reason was purely convenience. Here’s an example of my story: I was overweight and begin going group fitness classes regularly. […]

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LISTEN more than you talk!

THIS MESSAGE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE COMMITTEE TO GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. I’ve found from experience that the best way to show someone that you are interested in them is NOT to talk at them but to LISTEN to them. When you can’t stop talking, it makes it (1) seem as […]

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Food Is Fuel And Here’s Why.

You must start somewhere and if the gym is where you start, know that the key to bettering your health is behind what you fuel your body with ALL day long! Most of what we eat will be broken down to one thing: Glucose. Glucose is our fuel, keeping our brains awake and alert. So […]

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How to Bounce Back From an Injury and Find Your Passion

Using today, Throwback Thursday, to reflect on how far I’ve been able to come since my injury. I’ve been hesitant to share this because I just wasn’t ready. If you were ever in one of my group fitness classes, you know that “low-impact” exercise wasn’t something I was into. I don’t mean it in a […]

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How to Identify and Eliminate Toxic Relationships

I have to share this because it’s close to my heart. Are you involved in a toxic relationship? It doesn’t have to be intimate; it can be a relationship even with friends. Do you know the warning signs? 1. You avoid the topic with others so that they “don’t know” 2. You make excuses as […]

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