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Losing Your Shoes Could Increase Your Gains — Barefoot Training 101

Your feet are probably the last thing you think about with any training program yet they are the most important part of your body when it comes to movement. Most of us tend to wear shoes that are overly supportive and/or constrictive so the muscles in the feet become weak. There are 28 bones in […]

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Why You Should Stop Counting Calories #TheGetMoreShow

This blog entry is also a Podcast on #TheGetMoreShow! If you’d prefer to listen to the audio version, you can listen below! I’m willing to bet if you are a listener of #TheGetMoreShow or you read my blog, at some point in your life and maybe even right now, you’ve counted your calories. I know […]

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8 Things to a Kick Ass 2017

These 8 things are to help you with an actionable way to have your best year yet. This year’s mantra for us is, “Confident minds & strong bodies.” Do you need some strength in your life? Are you hoping to feel more empowered, more in control, and more self-loving? Take a look at these 8 things and […]

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My New, Out of My Comfort Zone Workout

I’m happy to announce I have successfully completed 7 days, ONE WEEK (yay!) of my new, out of my comfort zone workout program. If since it’s just us and I’m being honest, the reason I showed up every single day (even at 7 pm on a Saturday night), it’s because my midsection has been on FIRE […]

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“How often should I workout?”

If I had to list the top few questions I get asked as a fitness pro, this one would be pretty high on the list. Technically speaking, there’s really no right answer that I can give to you as a blanket statement that will work for everyone. For example, if your whole body is sore […]

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