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My New, Out of My Comfort Zone Workout

I’m happy to announce I have successfully completed 7 days, ONE WEEK (yay!) of my new, out of my comfort zone workout program. If since it’s just us and I’m being honest, the reason I showed up every single day (even at 7 pm on a Saturday night), it’s because my midsection has been on FIRE […]

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“How often should I workout?”

If I had to list the top few questions I get asked as a fitness pro, this one would be pretty high on the list. Technically speaking, there’s really no right answer that I can give to you as a blanket statement that will work for everyone. For example, if your whole body is sore […]

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You need to stretch more.

Stretching is just important, if not MORE important than your regular fitness routine. Wait, what?! Yes — I said it. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Yeah, I doubt it.” BUT NO! It’s so true. Let me explain. Some of the most important reasons to consider stretching: For Your Physical Health: Increases flexibility and your range of […]

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Tabata Training: why & how it works.

Have you tried or heard of tabata training? It’s ALL out — you can’t go harder. Like, you’re searching for your puke bucket kinda hard. Simply put, it’s 20 second intervals with 10 seconds of recovery in between… but wait, there’s more to it. We’re talking: 20 seconds as hard as you can go! 20 […]

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How to be a Better Morning Person

Unfortunately not all of us are morning people, no matter how hard we try! However, there are lots of benefits of waking up earlier, including having more time to fit exercise in and making your day more productive! Here are my top tips to to wake up in the morning: Place your phone (alarm) on […]

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