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“How often should I workout?”

If I had to list the top few questions I get asked as a fitness pro, this one would be pretty high on the list. Technically speaking, there’s really no right answer that I can give to you as a blanket statement that will work for everyone. For example, if your whole body is sore […]

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Embrace Your Imperfections

Are you hard on yourself when something you do or even your body isn’t 100% flawless? Let’s face it, we’re our biggest critics! Admittedly, I am a recovering perfectionist. When I think about the people I love most, do I love them because they’re perfect? NO! I love them because they are one of a […]

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NO more negativity!

Ain’t got NO time for negative people. Excuse my grammar but seriously. When I look at some of my past relationships and other peoples you can sense something toxic about them from a mile away. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to tell ourselves that “it will get better” or “it’s just temporary” or […]

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Your opinion matters more than your friends.

There was once a time when the person’s opinion I cared about the least was my own and those times were probably the most frustrating times of my life too. I would have such a strong opinion about how I felt, my beliefs and my skills but I would let others speak for me instead […]

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Do you podcast? Check out my story.

In school and growing up, I was full of insecurities. I wasn’t athletic, I wasn’t part of the “in crowd” and I certainly wasn’t an athlete. I was the kid who slumped down in my desk and watched the clock to see how much longer until the day was over. I remember feeling like I […]

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