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Overcoming Setbacks and Developing Resilience

Everybody encounters setbacks and hardships, what defines us is how we cope and move forward when confronted with difficult times. If you’re in the middle of a hard time right now, then hopefully this will give you the small push you need to get you moving in the right direction. On today’s episode, I want […]

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Know Your Worth #TheGetMoreShow

This blog entry is also a Podcast on #TheGetMoreShow! If you’d prefer to listen to the audio version, click to listen below. #RealTalk. I could begin this by telling you the textbook definition of self-worth, but instead, let’s talk about what self worth isn’t. Your self-worth is NOT determined by: how much money you have in […]

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“How often should I workout?”

If I had to list the top few questions I get asked as a fitness pro, this one would be pretty high on the list. Technically speaking, there’s really no right answer that I can give to you as a blanket statement that will work for everyone. For example, if your whole body is sore […]

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Embrace Your Imperfections

Are you hard on yourself when something you do or even your body isn’t 100% flawless? Let’s face it, we’re our biggest critics! Admittedly, I am a recovering perfectionist. When I think about the people I love most, do I love them because they’re perfect? NO! I love them because they are one of a […]

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NO more negativity!

Ain’t got NO time for negative people. Excuse my grammar but seriously. When I look at some of my past relationships and other peoples you can sense something toxic about them from a mile away. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to tell ourselves that “it will get better” or “it’s just temporary” or […]

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