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For a lot of my life, I’ve had to get used to not being good enough. I had to adjust to not being the smartest kid in school. I had to adjust to not being athletic enough to consider playing sports. I had to be okay with not having many friends because I didn’t “fit in.”

For me, taking control of my life started with getting myself in better shape, by working out and… that’s probably what most of you know about me, that I like to workout — and I do! I like to workout because it’s where I found my best friends, it’s where I found confidence to live in my own skin and most importantly, it taught me that my voice mattered.

As a new year begins, most of us take inventory of where we are and where we can improve and I did the same. I’ve been incredibly blessed with meeting amazing people in my life who have infinitely believed in me and I’ve been given some really crazy cool opportunities but what I wanted more than ANYTHING was to help people realize that THEIR voice mattered! I want people to know that they are unique, they do matter and it’s okay to live your life for YOU and not for others.

I had this idea around the first week of January that I would create a podcast to help people learn how to put themselves first — not just with fitness but in all areas of life, how to learn to accept you for the way the universe made you and believe that your voice mattered. I wrote some notes and in all honesty — I threw them in the garbage can under my desk. I told myself that it would probably be a waste of my time and no one would listen to my podcast. I did it again — I told myself that I wasn’t good enough.

Not long after, there I sat at my desk, thinking to myself how I could make a bigger impact this year, how can I reach more people, how can I help people know that they are special, unique and loved? I glanced down at my garbage can under my desk and there were my podcast notes. In that moment, I told myself, if my podcast helped just ONE person find a love for fitness, help one person know how to love the skin their in, or help just one person learn how to look in the mirror and smile at themselves — it was worth it. And so… my podcast was born, #TheGetMoreShow!

I have some really cool stuff planned and some pretty cool content already released! It would mean THE world to me if you would give it a listen. It would even mean MORE to me if you took the time to leave a review on iTunes after you listened. Thank you in advance for your support and here’s to a 2017 full of self-love. ❤️🌎

📱If you are using an iPhone/iPad, you can listen to my podcast for free by downloading the Podcasts app from the App Store (or click here if you’re using an iPhone/iPad). If you are using an Android Device, you can stream podcasts via Stitcher from the Google Play Store.

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