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about the workout...

More than just a workout, TRANSFORM LIVE is an experience.

You've never spent a half-hour like this. TRANSFORM LIVE combines physical movement with mindfulness to inspire you to elevate your results and your mindset.

Utilizing a Step, this high-intensity, music-driven, total-body workout is designed specifically to help you TRANSFORM, your body and your mind, in thirty flat.

Nope -- this isn’t old-school step aerobics. It’s functional fitness that’s challenging, empowering and fun!

This workout is led by Master Trainer and Program Director for TRANSFORM  LIVE, Chip Hoffa.

*Space is limited. Please see event details to see if a step will be available for use.

**Please bring your Beachbody Step. If you prefer, you can participate in the workout without a step.

***To purchase a Beachbody Step, click here.