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WEEKLY RECAP: Clean Eating Hacks and My Go To Playlist

SOOOOO many people ask me for food hacks so this week is ALL about food and man do I LOVE food! 😍

CLEAN & LEAN VEGGIE ENCHILADAS: I have gotten SO much feedback from this step-by-step video I created when I cooked Veggie Enchiladas, literally it’s been overwhelming (and surprising at the same time)! I decided to film each ingredient, brand and even what NOT to use when I made my favorite version of delicious Veggie Enchiladas. 🌮🌮 Don’t worry, there’s an option for you to add meat if you’d like but there’s LOTS of good stuff, if meat isn’t your thing.


Let’s cook! 😋 Here’s my step-by-step cooking tutorial for Super Clean & Lean Veggie Enchiladas. 🌮 Feel free to share! 📲

Posted by Chip Hoffa on Monday, October 30, 2017


FOODIE CHAT: Since we’re talking food this week, I thought it might help if I gave you the link to one of my podcast episodes that has the TOP amount of listens. There are SO many misconceptions in the diet world and so many people, blogs, articles, Facebook posts telling you to do XYZ that it can truthfully be so overwhelming that it leave you not sure where to begin. On this episode of my podcast, I promise to keep it brief and informative and take out the overwhelm behind the word diet. ❤️ Listen to The Get More Show, Episode 04: The 5 Diet Mistakes You’re Probably Making



CLEAN EATING HACK: You are going to love ❤️ this clean eating hack, especially if you like saving time AND calories. 😉 Let’s talk about how I get things on the go, while putting a healthy twist on it. PLUS I’ll tell you why I don’t 🚫 eat meat 🐄 when I’m eating out. #FoodForThought PS – Don’t worry, there’s tons of info in this video too on WHY your circle of friends should support your choices and how to maintain a judgement-free zone.


Posted by Chip Hoffa on Thursday, November 9, 2017


MUSIC THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO MOVE! One of the questions I get MOST often as a fitness professional who motivates their students through music is… what do I listen to? Well, that’s actually easier than you might think! All of the playlists I use for myself AND my classes are on my Spotify channel and best of all – they’re totally free! I put together a playlist for this month with some of my favorite and newest jams, click here to listen in!

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